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Dance has always been part of my life and, consequently, part of my education.


As a young dancer, I excelled in Royal Academy of Dance and Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing examinations. I have since furthered my formal academic qualifications by pursuing a course of study in Dance Education.

More generally, I believe that many “life lessons” are learned in a dancing class. Ballet classes taught me the importance of listening, learning and working hard from an early age, while also inspiring me to always push myself to reach higher and stretch further (both literally and metaphorically!). Dancers strive to create poetry in motion and attempt to accomplish impossibly idealised positions, movements and combinations of steps. This means individuals who dance are motivated to make the most of their abilities and be the best that they can possibly be.

Still, technical prowess will only get you so far. What is truly captivating about dance is its ability to transport both the performer and spectators. Losing myself in a dance class has always been key to helping me find myself. I know I will feel more grounded – more “me” – afterwards. As dancing requires total mind-body commitment, it is all-encompassing. I think it is this that makes dancing so addictive. And, even if I am not dancing myself, watching others use movement expressively and connecting in some way with their performance reminds me of the power of dance – it can truly make the rest of the world disappear.

I am an advocate of the argument that dance has a role to play in everyone’s life. It can be an outlet for enjoyment, expression and stress release; it boosts physical, mental and emotional health; and it nurtures musicality, creativity and confidence.

It is for these reasons that I have enthusiastically pirouetted my way into the dance teaching profession…


Georgina Butler "Dance Pedagogy" (illustration by Berenice)

 Georgina Butler – Dance Teacher




Royal Academy of Dance

BA (Hons) Dance Education, (achieved with First Class Honours)

Awarded July 2017

  • Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Faculty of Education / University of Bath (FHEQ Level 6)


Modules studied:

Dance, Art and Education (Examination and evaluation of philosophical and aesthetic enquiry in relation to dance and dance education studies. Inc. Philosophical perspectives on the nature and function of the arts in education; Debates surrounding arguments concerning the meaning of “art”, “dance” and “education”; Arguments concerning the generic role of the arts within education and the particular educational contribution of dance; Common dichotomies such as education/training, theory/practice, mind/body.)

Dance and Older Learners (Exploring how older learners can benefit from participation in dance. Inc. Concepts of age and ageing; Issues emerging from the politics of ageing; Deconstructing stereotypes of older people in dance; Critical consideration of creative and artistic outcomes of participation; Health-related safe practice concerns.)

Ballet: its Diversity and Influence (Consideration of the influences on ballet’s worldwide growth and development during the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, explored through the study of selected choreographers, dancers, artistic directors, teachers, scholars and critics. The areas examined required time to be invested in engaging critically and discursively with historical, political, social, cultural, financial and artistic circumstances which might impact on a ballet company’s identity and values.)

Dance in Higher Education (Philosophical and educational traditions, definitions and debates surrounding the nature of dance in Higher Education. Including consideration of the tensions between dance in Higher Education as an academic discipline and as a preparation for entry into the profession.)

Dissertation (Thesis titled “Meet Me at the Barre: Community in the Ballet Class.” Educational research inspired by personal experience as a dance student and dance teacher.)



Royal Academy of Dance (September 2015 – July 2016)

Diploma of Higher Education: Dance Education (achieved with DISTINCTION)   

  • Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Faculty of Education / University of Bath (FHEQ Level 5)


Modules studied:

The Nature of Dance (Philosophical perspectives on the nature and function of dance.)

Perspectives on Learning and Teaching (Theories of pedagogy applied to dance.)

Safe Practice and Improving Performance (inc. Physiological and Psychological factors in relation to dance performance and dance teaching practice.)

Perspectives on Music and Dance (inc. Critical, Philosophical and Aesthetic concepts relevant to the study of music in dance; Musical aspects of selected repertoires, practices and dance forms; Implications of diverse analytical models of music and dance for dance practice, education and training.)

Dance in the Community (inc. Considerations of dance as a participatory art form; Reflection upon how context can affect planning and delivery of dance activity; Notions of dance as a tool for social engagement, empowerment and enjoyment.)



Royal Academy of Dance (September 2014 – July 2015)

Certificate of Higher Education: Dance Education (achieved with DISTINCTION)   

  • Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Faculty of Education / University of Bath (FHEQ Level 4)


Modules studied:

Frameworks & Perspectives (Dance Analysis; Benesh Movement Notation; Labanotation.)

The Healthy Dancer (inc. Anatomy; Alignment; Conditioning; Injury; Nutrition; Safe Practice.)

Dance Education: Concepts and Contexts (Critical examination of pedagogy in different settings.)

Music in Dance and Dance Education (inc. Music Theory; Role of Music; Musicality; Music & Dance.)

Dance Syllabi and Examinations (Reflection on Teacher’s Role; Training Methods; Ethical Practice.)





Child Protection (July 2017)

Level 3 Certificate in Child Protection issued by EduCare  

Acquired a thorough understanding of child protection by covering a breadth of topics relevant to anybody with a responsibility for safeguarding children and young people.

Achieved with 100%.

Level 3 course comprising nine modules:

– Child Development.
– Parenting and Risk Factors.
– Forms of Abuse.
– Other Harm.
– Responding to Abuse.
– Reporting Abuse and the Child Protection System.
– Learning from Failure.
– The Legal Framework.
– Working Together.

Nine CPD hours.


NSPCC Child Protection: an introduction (July 2017)

Introductory safeguarding course delivered by the NSPCC 

A CPD certified, four-module e-learning course for everyone who works with children.

Understanding how to recognise, respond, report and record concerns about a child.





Green Cross First Aid Training (July 2015)

Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work (QCF) issued by Training Qualifications UK Ltd 

Demonstrated comprehensive knowledge and understanding of theory related to coping with first aid emergencies in any environment.

Successfully applied effective first aid skills during practical exercises.

Content covered included: The Unconscious Casualty; Breathing Problems; Wounds & Bleeding; Bones, Muscle & Joint Injuries; Burns & Scalds; Poisoning; Medical Emergencies (anaphylaxis/ angina/ heart attack/ asthma/ epilepsy & seizures/ fainting/ diabetes/ stroke).






Dance Teacher.
Dancebox Studios, Milton Keynes.

January 2017 – Current

  • Teaching dance students aged 2 years and up.
  • BBO Dance Ballet syllabus – pre-syllabus, pre-primary, primary and grade classes.
  • Non-syllabus, story-based, dance classes for children aged 2-4 years.
  • Non-syllabus Junior School Jazz dance classes.
  • Junior School Tap dance classes (BBO Dance Tap syllabus).
  • Non-syllabus Ballet classes for Adults of all ages, at all levels (Beginner/Improver/Advanced).
  • Cover-teaching as and when required.


Ballet Teacher.
Platinum Dance Academy, Milton Keynes.

January 2016 – Current

  • Devising introductory ballet class content suitable for students aged 5 years and up.
  • Delivering classes which aim to enable freestyle dance students to experience how a ballet class is structured, establish and develop basic ballet technique and inspire students to further their interests in, and understanding of, a new dance style.


Ballet Teacher.
The Rosemary Lane School of Ballet & Theatre Dance, Milton Keynes.

September 2014 – Current 

  • Devising and teaching content for regular non-syllabus classes, including pointe classes.
  • Covering the teaching of Royal Academy of Dance syllabus classes (grades and vocational grades) and non-syllabus classes (for all ages and abilities, including toddlers and adults).
  • Assisting in pre-school, pre-primary and primary dancing classes for children aged 2½ to 7 years old.
  • Providing support in the preparation of candidates for examinations and ensuring the smooth-running of examinations on the day.
  • Preparing and rehearsing students for performances, including the School’s biennial production.
  • Reviving the School’s website (established a user-friendly layout, created and curated content, sourced photographs).
  • Establishing the School’s presence on social media and seeking out potential marketing opportunities.  






Dance learning resources by Georgina Butler:


Warming up resource pic

Learn about… Warming Up and Cooling Down


Dance Resources - Stretching

Learn about… Stretching


Dance Resources - Turnout

Learn about… Turnout


Dance Resource - Alignment and Posture

Learn about… Alignment and Posture


Dance Resources - Pointe Shoes

Learn about… Pointe Shoes


Dance Resources - Ballet Insights - Romantic Era

Ballet Insights – Romantic Era


Dance Resources - Ballet Insights - Romantic Era (La Sylphide)

Ballet Insights – Romantic Era (La Sylphide)


Dance Resources - Intermediate Foundation Ballet Vocabulary

Ballet Vocabulary: Intermediate Foundation


Dance Resources - Intermediate Ballet Vocabulary

Ballet Vocabulary: Intermediate


Dance Resources - Advanced Foundation Ballet Vocabulary

Ballet Vocabulary: Advanced Foundation


Dance Resources - Advanced One Ballet Vocabulary

Ballet Vocabulary: Advanced One




Written by Georgina Butler

June 2, 2016 at 11:00 am

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